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Inception, 1st Customer & Appointing Dealers

MVK Chemicals, the group company of “Ruchi Organics” was founded in this year with the wide experience and expertise in the field of Manufacturing, Processing, Contract Manufacturing and Marketing of various Chemicals & Intermediates.

With a business model of selling its products through Dealer Network, kick start of appointing dealers across various parts of India was the key for better reach and faster revenue. This business strategy was immediately adopted.

In this same year MVK Chemicals witnessed its 1st ever customer on board.

ISO Certification & Brand Name

With highest standards for quality control and applying certain in house designed SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for efficient and hazard free operations, we successfully got recognised as ISO 9001:2008 certified system for Quality Management.

We also got our brand name registered with the name “John Brown”

Dealer Network Reaching 100th Mark

With our great deal of efforts, excellent teamwork and hardships, we were able to establish our name in designated markets and were successful in reaching the 100th dealer mark to represent us.

1st Direct Branch

This was the year to spread our direct presence and launched our 1st ever branch in Bijapur in the Indian state of Karnataka.

300 Dealers & 5 Branch Offices

By this time MVK Chemicals firmed its feet with the sound recognition and acceptability in the market. This year witnessed our 300th dealer mark to represent us.

With our consistency in quality, understanding of market needs, domain expertise and value research, there were another 4 direct branch offices operational in 5 years, taking branch office count to 5 branches within India.

450th Dealer Mark with 9 Branch Offices

Today, we are able to bring in a tangible value to our dealers as well as to our end customers / farmers through our various agro chemicals and organic products (50 products approx.) which caters to the agricultural consumer sector.

Today we have reached our Dealer Network to about 450 dealers across India.

Our direct representation in the other states of India has gone up to 9 branches. Currently, we have our branch offices in the Indian states of Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Jharkhand, Bihar, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh.

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