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Many factors go into deciding which company to invest in. Besides financial consideration, shared values and admiration of the product or service can also be factors. Each investor has to determine which criteria are most important to him when deciding to invest in a company.

Some things to consider when deciding on which company to invest in are financial strength and management skills. Product appeal and marketing are also factors an investor must consider.

Time Frame:
Investors may have different time frames for their investments. Sometimes investors may jump in before a product launch or anticipated good news hoping for a quick profit. Others invest for a longer term and are in for the long haul.

Sometimes a company will not be earning any money or even have a product ready to sell, but still remain an attractive option for investors. This is due to the fact investors are banking on the future potential of the company and they believe in the current management to guide the company to its full potential.

The value of a company and reasons often extend beyond its financial statements. A brand name
has marketing value and staying power for years to come. If a product has a strong brand, it may be a compelling reason to invest.

Investing in a company will benefit an investor if the company becomes profitable. The consumer will benefit if a good product or service is introduced to the market.

Unavoidable Risks:
No matter how good an organisationís risk management is, or how much it spends on risk reduction, there is a high probability that its operations will be seriously disrupted at some time by an event that is outside of its control.

To put it simply, it is very likely that an organisation will, at some point, suffer disruption from an event that is outside of its control. Having an effective business continuity management process in place will lessen the effect of such an event, and should enable the organisation to provide continuity of its operations and critical functions.

One of the most critical and costly aspects of running any kind of organisation that operates in a competitive market environment is obtaining and retaining customers.

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